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Ethernals Universe

The year is 2099. The ΞTHΞRNALS are scattered across the universe after their planet was taken to uninhabitable levels by increasing temperatures, natural disasters, and a final world-scale nuclear war that wiped all forms of life. Originally from Planet Earth, ΞTHΞRNALS are human creations. Their origins go back to the time when Humans (the High Society) focused their efforts towards building a society supported by robots. These robots eventually became the working class, manufacturing everything that the High Society needed, from cars to aeroplanes, assisting in home duties, fighting their wars, saving their lives in hospitals, and many other tasks. If something was not pleasurable, you can be sure it would be done by an ΞTHΞRNAL.

Ethernals Universe


ΞTHΞRNALS are the result of a friends' collective effort to build something different in the NFT space, shaped by a wonderful community of NFT enthusiasts.

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Each ΞTHΞRNAL is randomly generated from over 150 traits.

Ethernals Universe


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The most beautiful Ethernals Universe chosen by 2NFT

The 3 Ethernals Universe NFTs were chosen based on the personal taste of the 2NFT Team

Ethernals - #354

Token ID #354

Ethernals with backpack and yellow helmet
Ethernals - #691

Token ID #691

Ethernals with einger wings on the lifeless land
Ethernals - #1469

Token ID #1469

Ethernals walking on the green land where insects live