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Meet a very special group of small, spiny mammals who love nothing more than trading perpetuals. Each of the 4,200 Hedgies will make its way home to a trader, voter, or supporter of the dYdX community.


Say hello to Hedgies, a collection of 4,200 unique avatars represented as NFTs on Ethereum.


Every Hedgie NFT is unique

 10% minted – We will join Ecologi & plant 25 trees for each NFT sold!



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The most beautiful Hedgies chosen by 2NFT

The 3 Hedgies were chosen based on the personal taste of the 2NFT Team

Hedgie #2274

Token ID #2274

Hedgie with cup in hand
Hedgie #1417

Token ID #1417

Hedgie with broom in hand
Hedgie #1827

Token ID #1827

Hedgie is an astronaut