Mayhem Island Bananas Image

Mayhem Island Bananas

Mayhem Island Bananas is a collection of banana NFTs by Artist Jimmy Danko. These unique hybrid Bananas start out hand drawn and are digitally bred one by one for their supernatural qualities.

Mayhem Island is a place where ape-tastic mayhem reigns supreme, and is the home of the Banana Merchant – Bored Ape #6529. As the cultivator of these otherworldly bananas, and chief proprietor of Mayhem Island Bananas, the Banana Merchant ferries his precious cargo all over the Universe to embolden and nourish apes and banana connoisseurs wherever they may be.

As the Mayhem Island project and story progresses it will become more layered and nuanced. There will be scenarios where different properties are correlated to outside partnerships and philanthropy, and will incorporate digital and physical giveaways to collectors through unlockable content and secret drops.

More info on Mayhem Island Bananas can be found here.