Current Date:September 30, 2022
Munumi Royal Syndicate Image

Munumi Royal Syndicate

Munumi Royal Syndicate NFT is a collection of 1251 casino employees of the Beta Vertos VIII space station – The largest casino known to any sentient being within our known universe. Owning at least one makes any holder immediately eligible for a share of the profits accumulated by the Beta Vertos VIII casino.

Every NFT is unique, and unlike other NFTs, where the rarity is nothing more than some gripping elements of design, the rarity also determines the revenue received from the casino. Rarer NFTs receive a larger share of the casino’s accumulated profits.

This makes Munumi Royal Syndicate NFTs unique in the field – not only are they riskless because a share an NFT receives is invariable, but also timeless as hold time is unlimited. Separating them from the crowd of different NFTs and making them worth holding

MINT DATE 9th of April


1251 Total Supply

Munumi Royal Syndicate


Each Employees Is Unique

Munumi Syndicate Collection

MINT DATE 9th of April


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