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Every PORK has unique traits, names, and titles. There are even some with hidden traits such as preferences, bad habits, and hours worked at the Factory. Total PORKS working on factory – 9840. Comes with full commercial rights.

PORK1984 by DCA119

The plot is based on a Novel “1984” by George Orwell. Thematically, Nineteen Eighty-Four centers on the consequences of totalitarianism, mass surveillance, and repressive regimentation of persons and behaviors within society.

The time is now, so join the Revolution as we rise up and Oink for freedom!

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Ethereum Blockchain

PORK1984 is hosted on ETH Blockchain

Token Standard ERC-721

PORK1984 uses the ERC-721 as a Standard Token

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Over 2.100 owners of PORK1984 NFTs in October 2021

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The most beautiful PORK NFTs chosen by 2NFT

The 3 PORKs were chosen based on the personal taste of the 2NFT Team

#1888 Duke William McFarmer IV

Token ID #1888

Duke William McFarmer IV
#3178 Dr. Robert Svinson III

Token ID #3178

By Dr. Robert Svinson III
#4996 Mr. Lewis McSvinson II

Token ID #4996

Mr. Lewis McSvinson II