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All happy lions can travel between dimensions with their very special spaceships that uses ‘anti-matter’ as fuel. These happy lions are also time travelers!

Happy lions can travel faster than light speed, which allows them to make time travels. They travel through time only for good reasons and purposes.

Each Empire have a special spaceship station and all REITLIONs use these stations in order to travel through space and time. These lions are extremely advanced in terms of science and technology. They also rule the quantum world and all that it offers. 9999 beautiful, cosmic and configurable lion NFTs are ready for minting! Don’t miss this great opportunity and be a part of this magnificent journey.



9,999 Total Supply


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Polygon-ETH Blockchain

ReitLion is hosted on Polygon-ETH Blockchain
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Token Standard ERC-721

ReitLion uses the ERC-721 as a Standard Token

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ReitLion Contract Address on polygonscan

Each ReitLion Is Unique

World's 1st #Configurable NFT concept!

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Most beautiful ReitLions chosen by 2NFT

The 3 ReitLions were chosen based on the personal taste of the 2NFT Team