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Solana Scouts


With your Solana Scout, you can do it all. The release of each collection introduces new utility and expands on the Solana Scouts storyline. That means your Scout gets more valuable over time. We’re committed to bringing a quality project to market with a doxxed team, sound tokenomics, and awesome artwork. It all starts with the Legacy Collection—999 algo-generated Solana Scouts made from over 75 unique accessories and attributes.


As civil war rages at home, an elite team of animoids seeks refuge in the Solana metaverse. With the Dark Army threatening their survival at home, the Legacy Solana Scouts must band together to overcome the odds on their perilous journey. Along the way, they’ll need to rely on Alien Allies to overthrow the infamous Meta Monsters that stand in the way of freedom. With your help, the Solana Scouts can complete their mission and secure the future!

Mint Date: May 19th @ 18:00 UTC


Public Mint Price: 1.6 SOL

Solana Scouts


Each Scout Is Unique

Each Scout is made from nearly 70 accessories and attributes!

Presale (WL) Mint Price: 1.2 SOL


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The most beautiful Scouts chosen by 2NFT

The 3 Solana Scouts were chosen based on the personal taste of the 2NFT Team