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T-Time Places

The T-Time photography collection isn’t a compilation of just any photos. Each piece has undergone careful digital manipulation to add a touch of pink to the background by our photographer and retouched with the help of AI software. This state-of-the-art technology has helped us enhance the details of each photo, while pink hues in the background depict breast cancer awareness.

T-Time Places


Being an owner of an art piece that truly stands out and made for a special cause makes you feel proud.

T-Time NFTs

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Ethereum Blockchain

T-Time Places is hosted on Ethereum Blockchain

Token Standard ERC-1155

T-Time Places uses the ERC-1155 as a Standard Token

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Check now the T-Time Places project Contract Address Below

Each photography Is Unique

Art Through Artificial Intelligence and Human Interaction.

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Most beautiful photographies chosen by 2NFT

The 3 Photographies were chosen based on the personal taste of the 2NFT Team

T-Time Places - Cloud Gate Chicago

T-Time Places

Cloud Gate Chicago
T-Time Places - Saint Patricks Day

T-Time Places

Saint Patricks Day