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The Mermaid Society

The Mermaid Society NFT is a collection of 10.000 mermaids dedicated to positive change. Supporting fundamental impact on the real world is the focus of this NFT collection.

Every element of this collection has been hand-drawn, using digital collaging techniques. All elements were designed to ingeniously interact and blend together, which results in images rich in detail and individual personality. At the time of minting, the NFTs features a hidden trait that will reveal itself later in time.

Buying a Mermaid Society NFT will directly raise funds for charities. We aim to donate 30% of primary sales and 50% of future royalties to nonprofit organisations supporting ocean conservation and gender equality. In addition, as an NFT community member, you’ll get to vote on future decisions and initiatives!

Digital Art For Good


10.000 Total Supply

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Ethereum Blockchain

The Mermaid Society is hosted on the ETH Blockchain

Token Standard ERC-721A

The Mermaid Society uses ERC-721A as a Standard Token

Contract Address

Check The Mermaid Society Contract Address on etherscan

Each Mermaid Is Unique

Your Mermaid Is Waiting For You. Buy your Mermaid NFT at 0.06 ETH

Pre-sale is now Open!


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Most beautiful Mermaids chosen by 2NFT

The 3 Mermaids were chosen based on the personal taste of the 2NFT Team

The Mermaid Society

Token ID #Soon..

The Mermaid Society
The Mermaid Society

Token ID #Soon..

The Mermaid Society
The Mermaid Society

Token ID #Soon..

The Mermaid Society