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The Silent Ones

NFT collection of 10 000 unique ninjas created on the Solana blockchain and inspired by amazing Japanese culture and traditions. When we say unique we really mean that, just 2 months of sleepless nights and here you go – we’ve made over 200 different cool traits to make sure each of the shadow warriors is unique for real. Our choice of Ninja as our hero was not accidental. 300 years ago, ninjas were basically highly qualified spies and assassins, however our hero is definitely a good guy. We believe that his main goal is to pass on everything he knows to those who deserve to become a true warrior.

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Ninjas sleeping on the Solana blockchain, who have been waiting for almost 300 years to be awakened!

The Silent Ones NFT


Each Ninja Is Unique

A powerful Ninja Army on the Solana Blockchain

Drop Date To Be Announced


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