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Tribe Odyssey

A standalone collection of distinctive and collectable ape characters that live on the Ethereum Blockchain. Tribe is an entirely original collection that is based in an alternate dimension. Within this dimension exists a futuristic world, a harsh and barren wasteland ruled by a tech advanced ape civilization.

Tribe Odyssey


Total Supply: 14,000

Tribe Odyssey

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Ethereum Blockchain

Tribe Odyssey is hosted on the Ethereum Blockchain

Token Standard ERC-721

The Tribe Odyssey project uses ERC-721 as a Standard Token

Contract Address

Check Tribe Odyssey Contract Address on etherscan

Each Ape Is Unique

Tribe is the highly anticipated follow up project from the 0xApes team

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Most beautiful Apes chosen by 2NFT

The 3 Apes were chosen based on the personal taste of the 2NFT Team

Tribe #1370

Token ID #1370

Tribe Odyssey
Tribe #11320

Token ID #11320

Tribe Odyssey
Tribe #2813

Token ID #2813

Tribe Odyssey