WhelpsNFT Image


WhelpS are 7,777 lovingly hand-drawn dragon NFTs which evolve through 5 stages over 120 hours, in your wallet with no user interaction required! Utilizing the latest in smart contract technology, WhelpS offers something a little different than your typical NFT collectibles experience. Beginning life as an egg (indicating breed), with one of over 60 awesome backgrounds, you will travel the evolutionary path stopping at Baby, Whelp, Young Adult and finally – a fully grown Adult Dragon. Each hop brings with it a provably random new trait of differing rarity: body pattern, mood, breath type and style of horns.

WhelpS does not pre-generate or force any combinations; we let nature take its course. Of course, with over 138,000 possibilities – our cute little fellas will definitely have their own unique look, traits and personalities! Join our amazing, fun and creative community – today!